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Lighting Design and Installation: Guide for Builders & Architects


How Lighting Impacts Every Part of a Residential Project

Lighting can transform a space into something completely new with just a few additional fixtures or one mood-lighting change. It can add warmth and depth to a room or brighten it up completely with just a push of a button. That’s the power of lighting control: It can illuminate and define a space in its entirety.

So, what does that have to do with your project plans as a builder or architect? As it turns out…quite a lot! You know that how clients feel in their new place is critical to whether or not they want it as their actual home or not. Because of this, proper lighting design isn’t just a nice complementary solution to your residential project – it’s a necessity.

In this blog, we’ll dive into why incorporating the right lighting control and setup is key for your future residential Sullivan’s Island, SC home-builds, and how our team can help! Want to learn more? Read on below.


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Lighting Enhances Any Space – Inside & Out

Take any space to a brand-new level with strategically placed lighting fixtures throughout a property. One room can switch from a relaxing family room setting for reading a book or watching TV, to a lively, brightened space for gathering with friends and family. All it takes is a push of a button.

These are the transformative options that smart lighting offers your homeowners. Indoors, spotlights can be set up to highlight preferred artwork or other valued possessions and décor. Hanging fixtures and other stylish lights add elegance to a dining room or even the kitchen.

Different lighting color tones can change the way any room feels and looks and will have an impact on what that room’s function is for the day. A simple press of a button can change the dimming levels of a certain area or room, letting homeowners make unique design and atmospheric decisions throughout their whole living space.

And what about the outdoors? Lighting can significantly elevate exterior architecture as well. With wall sconces and landscape lighting fixtures, lighting can give a home’s curb appeal a major boost, while highlighting architectural features and draping the whole property with a beautiful glow.


Smart Features to Add Convenience and Comfort

Lighting control doesn’t stop at just advancing design and décor. Easy-to-use interfaces and connected features make smart lighting another necessary component to a fully integrated home automation system.

Homeowners can press a button to turn on every light in their house all at once – or select specific rooms or sections of the property at a time. Push a button to turn everything off before bed or set “scenes” for certain occasions such as a movie night or dinner party. With these scenes, the right lights will be ready and set at the perfectly dimmed levels. Integrate motorized shades, and then one button-press can turn on the selected fixtured and lower shades in one go.

Incorporating lighting control with security is another major perk for homeowners. An “away” scene can let lights and shades operate as usual as though the house were occupied while the homeowners are away on vacation. This mimicry of a “normal” day will steer potential burglars from ever targeting the home. Plus, landscape lighting can flood any area where motion detectors sense movement so that surveillance cameras can capture an image of the intruder more easily.


For a fully integrated home project, you can rely on Aspire AVS for every smart technology installation – from lighting control and automated shading to smart security and audio video solutions. We’ve got you covered!


Bring only the best to your homeowners. Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form at the bottom of the page here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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