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3 Reasons More Builders & Architects Are Taking on Smart Home Automation


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Smart home automation has become a must-have for every new homebuyer. Construction companies are finding that their clients are interested in having some automation features or full-on smart systems pre-installed in their custom home builds. As a builder or architect in the Kiawah Island, SC area, you’ll find that incorporating smart tech in your next project can bring all your construction plans together for your client.

Don’t worry about knowing the ins and outs of home automation – our team at Aspire AVS is here to help you with every step of the process. Keep reading below to learn why builders and architects are implementing smart technology as an essential step to projects.

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What Potential Homebuyers Are Looking For

The term “smart home” might sound like a futuristic concept, but this technology is present in the here and now! You’ve likely heard of smart technology more and more these days with the popularity of off-the-shelf devices and products you can find at the store. But new homebuyers have come to expect completely integrated houses, with wired installations and high-end systems in place.

Homeowners want strengthened networks for home entertainment and remote job purposes and secured internet connections. Improved smart home security and surveillance systems are also becoming more prevalent in installations, as are other smart solutions that elevate various aspects of daily life

From motorized shades and smart thermostats to custom home theaters that create the ultimate viewing space for movie night, homeowners are looking for technology to make their everyday life easier and more enjoyable. And to bring these innovative solutions to your clients’ homes while optimizing functionality, you’ll need to integrate these technologies directly into your building plans.

Stand Apart from Other Construction Companies

Offering smart installations as part of your home build can make you stand above the rest of your competitors in the area. When homebuyers see that they can get everything for their dream home in one go, your company will be the team they choose and tell their friends about. 

A project that encompasses every part of the build into one cuts down on expenses and time, and gets the homeowners into their new space sooner – and has them happy and satisfied with the results. But like we mentioned above, there’s no need to learn everything about automation overnight!

We’ll Take Care of the Installations

Don’t let the concept of integrated technology scare you away from incorporating it into your projects. With our team on your side, we ensure every smart automation component of the plan runs smoothly and properly.

We’ll manage the technology side of things, so all you have to do is focus on your construction. We work with you and everyone else on the project to guarantee that every element comes together seamlessly and with each different department in mind. It’s a no-hassle process that leaves your clients reveling in their new smart home you’ve built. 


Want to learn more about working with a smart home automation company like Aspire AVS for your next build? Give our team a call or send us a message using the chat at the bottom of your browser. We’d love to hear from you!

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