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Meet the companies that we call partners. They form the foundation of our product specifications thanks in part to their best-in-class performance, breadth of product offering and ongoing technological innovation.
Audio Control Amplifier

Over the last 40 years, Audio Control, one of our top-quality brand offerings for AV integration, has focused on “making good sound great” through their lines of amplifiers, receivers and preamplifiers. As a leading AV brand for audiovisual projects, Audio Control does not just focus on amped-up specs. Their goal is to improve customers’ lives by delivered stunning audio the lets them recreate a concert hall or theater environment in their own home in Washington, D.C., Charleston, SC, or anywhere else in the U.S. As the heart of your home theater, their receivers deliver fully immersive sound as well as 4K video resolution. Knowing how important it is to get high-performance audio beyond a few dedicated rooms, they have a full line of multi-zone amplifiers that deliver excellence throughout your house. Even outdoor applications aren’t out of the question with their powerful line of 70-volt amplifiers.

Audio Control
Bowers and Wilkins loudspeakers

Universally loved by audiophiles and recording professionals, Bowers & Wilkins is believed by many to offer the best loudspeakers in the world and is one of our top-quality brand offerings for AV integration. They are so synonymous with luxury sound that they’re the official audio solution for all Jaguar car models. For more than 50 years as a leading AV brand for audiovisual projects, they have been the standard bearers in the hi-fi world through handcrafted speakers, superior grade materials and industry-leading audio engineering for properties in Washington, D.C. or Charleston, SC. They introduced the use of Kevlar and Diamond for the ultimate in pure, striking sound reproduction, and their audio engineering delivers expansive depth and clarity. Despite being best known for their flagship loudspeakers, B&W now offers the same exacting audio standard to their line of headphones, subwoofers, architectural speakers and even their stylish wireless speakers.

Bowers and Wilkins
Control4 control pad

Experience personalized control for your unique lifestyle with the power of Salt Lake City-based Control4. Connect virtually any device in your home or business to work together, and command them all with customized one-touch controls and scenes from your system remote or smart device of choice. Whether you’re home or away, Control4 gives you the power to command and monitor your estate or business in one platform. The transformative benefits of a smart connected home and business with Control4 delivers convenience, peace of mind and an efficient environment that’s comfortable and safe.

Outdoor terrace using DMF Lighting
DMF is a nationally renowned company famous for designing and manufacturing easy-to-use downlighting solutions for residential and commercial environments. 30 years after it was founded out of a garage in southern California, it now boasts a national chain of warehouses and suppliers to deliver stellar LED lighting solutions wherever they’re needed. Having the right light quality is vital to creating successful environments for work, relaxation and play. Easy-to-use OneFrame, SquareFrame and DCD modular mounting systems allow for varied designs featuring recessed, surface mount, wall mount, cylinder and pendant fixtures. Enjoy the perfect indoor and outdoor lighting for any occasion with fixtures ranging from 750 to 9000 lumens and warm dim technology that lets you enjoy the entire light spectrum of cool and warm hues.
DMF Lighting
James Loudspeaker

Established in 1999 by audio engineers and craftsmen, James Loudspeaker takes pride in its commitment to innovation when designing high-performance audio solutions. James Loudspeaker offers lines for luxury homes, marine applications and enterprising businesses alike. Through cutting-edge technology and flawless designs, their products provide unprecedented sonic performance in both indoor and outdoor environments. James Loudspeaker solutions emphasize aesthetics to deliver powerful sound while having a minimal presence in the space. Loudspeakers from all lines include ultra-slim driver technology, adjustable frequency distribution and quad-tweeter arrays. All James Loudspeaker customers receive personal support to ensure a solution that satisfies all of their needs and preferences. Choose from a wide range of in-wall, in-ceiling, under eave, landscape, bookshelf and loudspeaker models.

James Loudspeaker
Josh AI camera

Speak to your smart home like you would a family member or friend with Josh, a sophisticated voice-controlled automation system created by Denver-based artificial intelligence company Josh.ai. Josh uses proprietary Natural Language Processing technology so you can command your home in whatever way feels most comfortable. Josh will learn your daily patterns and take note of your preferences to make your smart home experience more effortless than ever. Since its founding in 2015, Josh.ai has put your privacy and protection first, promising never to sell your data and giving you full control over how much information your home collects. Use Josh with best-in-class smart home products like Control4, Lutron, Nest, Sony and more, and control your whole home from anywhere in the world with your smartphone.

Josh AI
Luma surveillance camera
Luma Surveillance delivers security solutions crafted without compromise with IP and analog systems that deliver crisp images and intuitive user interfaces. Optimize your security without ruining your décor with sleek cameras available in various styles and colors. Designed with homeowners in mind, Luma recorders offer a simple, consistent interface that lets you play, pause, rewind and edit video with a simple click or tap. Their video management systems make it easy to flip between recorded and live footage, whether at home or on the road. Users can also create precise rules for when cameras should record to avoid hours of useless footage. Luma—a subsidiary of Charlotte-based Snap AV—integrates seamlessly with the top smart home companies including Control4, Crestron and Savant.
Lutron automated shades on kitchen windows

Inventors of the solid-state dimmer in 1959 and now holders of 2,700 worldwide patents, Lutron has expanded their product offering to more than 15,000 products. Lutron makes it possible to craft the perfect atmosphere at home or in the workplace to complement your day-to-night activities with personalized lighting and shading control for enhanced comfort and productivity. Recall your favorite settings from a master keypad or remote to easily transform your environment with just a tap or set your lights and shades to adjust on their own so you can focus on the activity at hand. From the workplace to the home, Lutron provides sophisticated solutions for custom lighting and shading that operate seamlessly at your command.

Pro Audio Technology speakers
Established in California in September 2004 as Professional Home Cinema, the company is now known as Pro Audio Technology to represent all residential sound applications made possible through their products. High-performance amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers allow for a wide range of installations from whole-home audio to award-winning home cinemas. DSP software developed by the company includes configuration tools that have become the industry standard for private screening rooms used by movie stars, producers and studio executives. Relish in 3-D sound in your favorite entertainment centers while preserving your luxury décor through a wide range of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Unleash the true potential of your sonic environment with components designed to work together for a seamless installation, stellar output and exceptionally accurate sound.
Pro Audio Technology
Sonance hidden speakers
Established in the early 1980’s, Southern California-based Dana Innovations is the parent company of Sonance, iPort and TRUFIG. Sonance specializes in designing high-quality audio systems for luxury homes and businesses that work in virtually any environment, from in-wall and in-ceiling to expansive outdoor landscapes and more. Enjoy sightless surround sound that immerses you into your favorite blockbuster film or musical soundtrack with discreet speaker solutions that complement any indoor décor or hide evenly throughout your gardens and foliage. With Sonance, delight in immaculate sound with minimal visual impact thanks to the beautiful blending of technology and aesthetics. Further expanding on its commitment to luxury sound, Sonance acquired James Loudspeaker in 2019. The acquisition allows Sonance to leverage James Loudspeaker's innovations in the areas of custom and architectural audio to create high-performance, bespoke solutions for its clients.

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