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Your Builder’s Guide to Smart Home Technology

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Where to Begin for Your Next Smart Home Project

If you’re a builder or architect, meeting your client’s wishes and preferences is a significant part – and stress – of the job. And these days, it’s not just interior design elements or architectural choices that you have to factor in – now, more and more homeowners want smart home technologies and services throughout their new properties.

This expectation can be quite daunting – what if you don’t know much about smart home automation, but now you’re expected to bring these solutions to your residential projects in and around the Charleston, SC area?

That’s why we’ve put together a guide on smart home technology to help you know the entire process and to see just how easy integrating systems into your builds is by working with a trusted smart home company.

Find out more by reading on below!

Work with a Trusted Smart Home Company

You don’t have to become a top expert in smart home automation overnight. When you work with a smart home integrator like Aspire AVS, you won’t have to question whether you know enough to present to your clients. We can work with you and the homeowners to ensure they get exactly what they’re looking for, and you get what works best with your plans.

We can customize a smart home system that integrates every smart solution they want, from lighting and shading to entertainment and security. Now your clients won’t have to leap around from one company to the next to bring these top-notch technologies to their home – they can instead rely on just one.

Design the Right Setup and Plan

Putting together construction plans is similar to smart system blueprints. Now, instead of just finding out where certain aspects of a build go, you’ll also be incorporating smart device and technology locations, where outlets and wiring will be, and how each room and area will be set up.

By working together on these plans, there won’t be any surprises or confusion. You get to take care of the building and construction components, while we worry about the smart home solutions and where they go in accordance with your setup and design.

Pre-Wiring and Installations

Getting the proper pre-wiring into place for all your projects is crucial. Low-voltage wiring is often required for smart home technologies, and we’re here to help with these specific installations before any of your walls go up on your construction. This is more cost-effective and best to do before you get too far along at all with your build.

After the pre-wiring is in place and construction is mostly concluded, we’ll go in to install the smart devices and technologies throughout the home and have it ready for your client to use immediately afterward.

Continual Support Service

You never want to leave your clients clueless when it comes to their new smart home technologies. After the project is done, we can show the homeowners exactly how everything works. If they run into a roadblock or need help using something, they can give our team a call to figure out what is going on.

If you’re a builder or architect in the area, find out more about smart home automation and the installation process by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Our team would love to hear from you!

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