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Add Value to Your Properties with Motorized Blinds


Automated Shades Save Energy and Elevate Design

As an architect or builder, you know that every component of a property can impact how a potential buyer sees it. Whether these features benefit residents on a daily basis or simply beautify the home – every solution is a key element.

But automated window treatments don’t just add convenience and comfort to a home in ways manual ones cannot – they also provide energy efficiency and elevated design. If you didn’t know motorized blinds and shades could add this much value to your Kiawah Island, SC properties, keep reading below to find out how beneficial they are for homeowners.


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Insulation Year-Round

No matter what time of your year it is, motorized blinds can provide insulation for an entire home. During a cold winter or a burning hot summer, automated shading helps regulate and maintain a home’s internal temperature – keeping it comfortable, always.

Our team of experts knows to install shades with an “air gap” between the actual window glass and the shading material. This gap provides the needed insulation and prevents the cool or warm air from escaping outside.

Honeycomb shades can help with insulation even more with their unique design, as their built-in air pockets deliver yet another layer of insulation. While more traditional in appearance, these shades look great in the kitchen or perhaps the bathrooms – but some homeowners like them throughout the house!

Appeal to potential buyers with a living space that is always ready for them for any season. Not only will shades keep their home at the right temperature, but they will also decrease their energy usage. With the shading’s insulation, an HVAC system won’t have to work overtime on an intensely hot or freezing day in order to cool down the house or warm it back up. Instead, the shades do the hard work – without using up a ton of energy or spiking monthly bills.


Solar Heat Gain Prevention

Lowering energy usage is a primary concern of homeowners. Solar heat gain can be a major issue – but with motorized blinds, complete control is put entirely in the residents’ hands.

Automated shades let them enjoy the natural sunlight glow throughout the day, but when the sun rays get too intense – a simple press of a button can lower the shades with ease. Scheduled scenes know to turn on lighting control and lower shades at times during the day when the sun is known to be the brightest, or even installed photosensors can sense when this is the case.

Shading plus smart climate control keeps every room from overheating, wasting energy, and increasing monthly bills. Not to mention, the shades will prevent the sun from damaging any valuables, furniture, or artwork. If a property is a vacation or second home, residents will know they can rest assured their space is well taken care of even while they’re away with their smart shades in place.


Enhance Interior Design and Décor

Shades don’t just help residents go green – they also significantly impact the interior design of a home. Integrating your motorized blinds with elegant lighting fixtures makes all the difference in how a property looks and feels. Both these solutions give a homeowner the option to change up the appearance of each individual room or transform the mood of the entire house.

Dual shading allows for blackout shades that can block out all lighting while you watch a film in the media room, while sheer shades can lower in their place after the movie is over – providing an entirely different setting for different occasions when needed.

There are endless fabrics and patterns to use for shading. These options let your homeowners match their own design preferences and choose shades that add to their home décor. It’s a solution that helps them go green while still delivering exceptional style.



Want to learn more about motorized blinds for your properties that will benefit your homeowners in a variety of ways? Give our team a call at (843) 418-6700 to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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