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Bring Your Clients the Perfect Outdoor AV System


Enhance Your Next Outdoor Project with Innovative Solutions

Outdoor entertainment features are the perfect components to add to any backyard setup or patio installation. Smart solutions that can extend beyond a home’s interior walls are growing more and more popular among homeowners.

As a builder or architect, it’s your goal to bring the best project possible to your clients – and this can encompass outdoor spaces as well. But if you’re unfamiliar with outdoor AV solutions, you might not realize their benefits for your clients’ Charleston, SC backyard home-builds.

In this blog, we’ll dive into how these features can truly elevate any outdoor project and how they can seamlessly incorporate into your plans – and your clients’ existing indoor automation systems. Find out more below!

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Hidden Audio for the Yard

High-end speakers throughout the entire backyard and patio area might seem like they’d get in the way of your construction plans at first. After all, it’s easy to assume that high-performance equates to bulky, heavy equipment. But with the Sonance Landscape Series speakers, you can rest assured that this outdoor AV feature will blend in without notice among the entire outside setup.

This series’ satellite speakers and in-ground speakers can merge with your clients’ existing décor, letting your project still keep its planned design. Hidden speakers can elevate any occasion for your homeowners – whether it’s playing party tunes for a backyard barbeque, streaming a relaxing podcast for sunbathing in the pool, or playing an audiobook while gardening. Speakers take outdoor entertainment to a new level.

But speakers are only half of what outdoor AV can do for your home-build.


Outdoor Televisions

Outdoor TVs, like ones from Séura and Sunbrite, are an integral component of your setup. Homeowners can enjoy a tailgate for the next big game, movie nights under the stars, and casually watching their favorite shows by the pool or in the yard.

Just as TV can enhance an indoor living setup, it can also do so for your outdoor project. These outdoor TVs are designed to withstand the harsh outside elements and storms – taking on extreme temperatures and even flooding! There are also different TV models for different areas of the yard or patio that the TV can be.

Partially shaded spots and full-on sun areas will each require a different brightness level from the TV screen, but both areas will still need a higher level than a standard indoor TV can deliver. High-quality performance and stunning visuals make these outdoor TVs a critical aspect of the perfect backyard design-build.


Bridge Indoors with Outdoors

What makes outdoor AV solutions even more appealing for your clients is how easy it is to incorporate with their indoor home automation and AV technologies. The same centralized system that’s used to manage and control their family room or media room’s TVs and speakers will also cover their outdoor audio video features.

It’s that easy to bring together the outdoors and indoors and make one an extension of the other. As a builder or architect, you can make it a breeze for your clients to host, entertain, or simply relax in any area of their home.

Want to learn more about working with our team to bring these outdoor AV solutions to your next project? Give us a call at (843) 418-6700 – we look forward to hearing from you!

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