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How Sonance Shapes Your Outdoor Audio System


Give Your Yard a Boost with Landscape Speakers

With the warmest summer days quickly approaching, it’s now the perfect time to optimize your Charleston, SC backyard area. Make the most of your open outdoor spaces, and bring your favorite media and music outside today!

And what’s the best way to improve your backyard entertainment? An outdoor audio system can liven up your entire property – and the Sonance Landscape Series speakers are the ideal solution for your setup.

Learn what makes Sonance outdoor solutions stand out by reading on below! Your best summer is ahead.

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Top-Notch Sound Performance as You’ve Never Experienced

Who says your outdoor sound solutions have to be subpar compared to your indoor technologies? Sonance proves that outdoor audio can deliver a high-end performance that is sure to blow you away just as your indoor surround sound does. With the Sonance Landscape Series speakers installed throughout your backyard, they will provide an even soundscape and extensive coverage to every corner. No matter the media – a movie night, TV show marathon, or playing catchup on the latest podcast episode or audiobook chapter – you’ll be able to hear it regardless of where you are in your yard.

With two different satellite speaker models, two in-ground subwoofers, and one hardscape subwoofer, the Landscape Series is perfectly suited for properties of varying sizes. Providing even sound distribution, the setup is scalable and easily built upon. Customize your layout to fit your yard and ensure you never miss a beat or critical piece of dialogue or commentary no matter where in your yard you walk.

Durable & Reliable Design

Installed audio solutions do not have to intrude on your backyard setup and décor! The Landscape Series’ design blends in seamlessly with your existing surroundings and desired aesthetics. The solutions’ coloring merges with your current landscaping and seating arrangement effortlessly, made from long-lasting, durable material that won’t fade or chip after a while.

In fact, your Sonance speakers and subwoofers can go through anything – a heavy hailstorm or snowfall, extreme temperatures, or even flooding – and still flawlessly perform the next day. An outdoor audio system that can endure the elements and still deliver an impeccable sound performance is essential. You’ll never have a relaxing summer evening on the patio or an outdoor get-together with friends ruined by unreliable technology ever again.


Want to find out more about an outdoor audio system featuring the Sonance Landscape Series? Give our team at Aspire AVS a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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