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Professional Landscape Lighting Design Keeps Your Home Well-Illuminated


Create the Perfect Outdoor Environment on Your Property

Lighting not only impacts your home’s indoor atmosphere but also undeniably transforms your exterior architecture and ambiance. While it can elevate your preferred style and design, it gives you better overall control of your home’s appearance and security. With just the tap of a button, you can change the mood and setting of any outdoor space!

The right landscape lighting design will showcase your Charleston, SC property in a whole new light. Find out more about our outdoor lighting solutions and services by reading on below.

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Improved Smart Security

Arriving home after work or at the end of the day to pitch-black darkness enveloping your house would be daunting for anyone! The same goes for when you are in your backyard and the sun sets – and suddenly it becomes a dangerous maze to get back to your house. Landscape lighting ensures you have a well-lit path and setting to come back to and navigate through.

No more fumbling for your key in the nighttime darkness or tripping over stone pathways! Installed motion sensors integrated with your outdoor lighting fixtures can alert lights to come on as soon as you enter a new area of your yard or when you or guests pull into the driveway. This is also added security to prevent potential intruders attempting to make their way onto your property!

Lower Bills with Energy-Efficiency

Lights that get left on long past when you’ve needed them are huge energy-wasters – not to mention a contributor to hiking up your monthly bills. Outdoor lighting fixtures with automatic dimming settings can significantly reduce your energy usage. Lights will turn on gradually when the sun begins to set, brightening slowly through the evening so that their full power isn’t in use right when it starts to get dark. Then when the next morning comes, the lights won’t stay on. Your scheduled lighting scenes can turn off your fixtures automatically, lowering unneeded energy consumption and your bills.

Set the Scene & Atmosphere

While landscape lighting safely illuminates your property, it can also give the overall feeling of your estate a major boost. Discreetly placed lighting fixtures can create the perfect ambiance for any part of your yard, with more elegant hanging lights or wall sconces providing an added flair to the overall setting. Bring in changing colors, pre-set scenes, and the ability to brighten or dim on command – and then you can adjust the mood of any gathering or get-together with just the tap of a button.


Is it time to upgrade your landscape design with lighting solutions? Shine a light on your whole property, from your front yard to the far reaches of your backyard and patio. Feel free to give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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