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Choosing a Home Media Room Design for Your Home


What to Look for When Setting Up Your Home’s Media Room

Everyone likes to spend time doing the things they enjoy most, whether it’s sports, art, or just relaxing. Having hobbies and leisure time is a big part of a well-rounded lifestyle, but when the weather restricts us from getting outdoors or spending time with friends or family, we have to pivot and stay indoors to enjoy our downtime. 

Relaxing with our favorite entertainment – gaming, TV shows, movies, and YouTube, to name a few – are enjoyable activities we can all enjoy in our Charleston, SC, home with the right AV setup. Selecting a home media room design can be just as personal of a decision as what to watch or play. Read on below to learn what types of fun you can have in a new or upgraded media space.

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Sports and Game Enthusiasts

Give your media room the feel of a sports bar minus the expensive beer tab with a design that allows you to keep up with all your favorite teams at once. Set up multiple TVs on one wall for an immersive experience and control all the displays from one device. You'll only want the sound from one game playing at any given time, but it's easy to switch the primary audio source using either a touchscreen remoteyour smartphone, or a tablet. When the commercials hit, push a button to turn on your gameday music playlist until the action begins again. 

TV Bingers

Whether you prefer live television, streaming services, or downloading your own content, you can watch it all from one single app thanks to a home automation systemYour control system provides shortcuts to all your favorite streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, and if you set up a media server for your home, you can access your digital library using the same intuitive interface. 

With AV distribution functionality, you can send audio and video signals to devices throughout your home while keeping the transmitting equipment in a centralized location, allowing you to access your DVR from any room. 

The Movie Buffs

Transform your media room into a private cinema with an HD projector and a surround sound system that brings the theater right into your homeTake it to the next level for the perfect cinematic experience by simultaneously activating your lighting controls and AV system from your home automation system. With an experienced home media room designer like Aspire, you can have the perfect viewing space with acoustical considerations and calibrated equipment to give you the best picture and sound quality. 

Find out all your home media room options when you talk to one of our design specialists. Give us a call at 843-418-6700 or connect with us online today. 

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